Market Reports

Castlerea Mart Market Report Re sale 21/09/17

On Thursday last we held our Annual Show and Sale of Weanlings in conjunction with our usual sale. A large entry of top quality weanlings met a very lively trade with some very fancy prices paid for the top quality lots. Bull calves made up to €4.15 a kilo with heifer calves making up to €4.50 a kilo.

Sample prices:

Weanling Bulls : Ch 295kgs €985 ch 285kgs €945 Ch 405kgs €1380 Ch 395kgs €1325 Ch 315kgs €1240 Lm 415kgs €1210 Lm 280kgs €930

Weanling Heifers: Ch 250kgs €1030 Lm 300kgs €1350 ch 330kgs €1080 Ch 300kgs €1250 Ch 410kgs €1105 Ch 290kgs €865

Heifers: Lm 420kgs €995 Lm 475kgs €1135 Ch 480kgs €1095 Lm 500kgs €1315 AA 600kgs €1260 Lmx 575kgs €1270

Dry Cows: BBx 765kgs €1420 Ch 600kgs €1300 Chx 495kgs €1140 Lm 715kgs €1100 Fr 580kgs €665

Cows with calves at foot made from €720 to €1640 per head

Springers made from €700 to €1510 per head

Calves/Runners : Runners made from €375 to €775 for continental lots.

Bullocks Sale Monday 18/09/17

200 bullocks on offer with prices ranging from €400 to €845 over their weight with an average price of €549 over paid. Trade remained steady for the young quality store bullocks while the plainer older type lots tended to be harder sold.

Sample prices: Ch 490kgs €1250 Lm 475kgs €1190 AA 495kgs €1180 Lm 430kgs €1165 AA 560kgs €1315 AA 555kgs €1205

Sales continue @ Castlerea Mart on Monday next the 25th September with our Annual Show and Sale of Continental Bullocks and on Thursday 28th September we hold our Annual Continental Heifer Show and Sale and our Show and Sale for Belgian Blue Weanlings

All sales commence @ 11 AM