Market Reports

Castlerea Mart Market Report Re sale 19/04/18

A large turnout of stock again this week and aided by improved weather conditions and grass growth trade remained strong and in the case of the quality stores, breeding stock and calves prices were improved.

Sample Prices: 

Heifers: Lm 420kgs €1295 Ch 415kgs €1130 Ch 425kgs €1275 Lm 460kgs €1340 Lm 455kgs €1220 Ch 570kgs €1500 Lm 515kgs €1385 Ch 515kgs €1370

Dry Cows: Lm 495kgs €1000 Lm 725kgs €1750 Lm 710kgs €1630 Ch 755kgs €1670 Lm 715kgs €1505 Ch 850kgs €1440

Cows with calves at foot made form €1040 to €1640 per head

Calves : A good entry on offer with better quality on offer this week and this was reflected in the prices.

Sample Prices:  Ch bull €590 Ch hfr €450 Ch hfr €410 AA hfr €190 AA bull €265 BB hfr €280 Fr bull €125 Lm hfr €370

Trade was improved for the weanling bulls with strong export and framer activity this week.

Weanling Bulls: Lm 285kgs €1000 Lm 280kgs €970 Ch 265kgs €950 Lm 450kgs €1220 Ch 405kgs €1185 Lm 365kgs €1165

Weanling Heifers: Chx 280kgs €940 Ch 280kgs €850 Ch 370kgs €1150 Ch 315kgs €975 Lm 395kgs €1040 Ch 400kgs €1075 AA 400kgs €960

Bullock sale Monday 16/04/18

200 bullocks on offer last Monday with prices ranging from €300 to €1030 over with an average of €638 over paid. Trade was very strong on the day especially for the quality forward store bullocks and an excellent clearance took place.

Sample prices: Ch 435kgs €1305 Ch 435kgs €1280 AAx 495kgs €1250 Lm 515kgs €1360 Ch 540kgs €1350 Lm 550kgs €1560 Ch 640kgs €1670 Ch 715kgs €1680

Sales continue at Castlerea Mart on Monday next with our bullock sale while Thursday next the 26th April we have our usual sale of Heifers, Cows, calves/runners and weanlings.

Sellers are reminded to have all stock penned by 10.30 AM in order to facilitate viewing prior to commencement of the sale @ 11 AM