Market Reports

Castlerea Mart Market Report Re sale 11/10/18

Large numbers of stock presented for sale this week with trade holding firm for most categories of stock. Increased numbers of Heifers met with a good demand and a good clearance took place. In the weanling rings increased farmer activity this week has led to very strong demand for the quality calves while plainer type lots remained unchanged.

Dry cows reported a good clearance also while breeding stock have noticed price increases.


HEIFERS: Lm 420kgs €1020 Ch 405kgs €970 Lm 480kgs €1205 Ch 440kgs €1130 Lm 610kgs €1445 Ch 575kgs €1325 Lm 560kgs 1270

Dry Cows: AU 810kgs €1660 Lm 800kgs €1650 Ch 655kgs €1380 Lm 715kgs €1365 Lm 710kgs €1525 Ch 425kgs €740

Cows with calves at foot made from €1030 to €2450 for a BB Cow and her limousin bull calf at foot.

Springer cows made from €950 to €1120 per head

Calves/Runners :Bigger numbers on offer this week with young calves making from €90 to €200 and the stronger runner lots making from €250 to €675 for continental types

WEANLING BULLS: Ch 260kgs €950 Ch 295kgs €990 Ch 285kgs 905 Ch 325kgs €1165 Lm 410kgs €1115 Ch 335kgs €1240

WEANLING HEIFERS: Sim 330kgs €930 Lm 290kgs €905 Lm 250kgs €830 Ch 310kgs €1000 Ch 270kgs €810


250 bullocks on offer this week with improved quality on offer resulting in better prices with quality stores improved by €20 to €30 per head.

SAMPLE PRICES: Ch 490kgs €1340 Ch 510kgs €1375 Lm 520kgs €1330 AA 525kgs €1265 Ch 550kgs €1395 Ch 615kgs €1490 Lm 655kgs €1530

Sales continue @ Castlerea Mart tomorrow Saturday 13th October with a Saturday Weanling sale, Monday 15th October our usual Bullock Sale and on Thursday 18th October our weekly sale of Heifers, Cows, Calves,Runners and Weanlings.

All sales commence @ 11 AM